About Andrea

Entrusting me with the responsibility of assisting you buy or sell one of your most significant investments is a privilege and a gift.

Having been a licensed real estate broker since 2007, a transaction coordinator for six years before that you can imagine I have seen my fair share of transactions and have been involved in a lot of troubleshooting and problem-solving! Zealously pursuing solutions is my strong suit.

I have built my business on a commitment to honesty and integrity with the goal of building strong relationships with my clients so I become their trusted real estate advocate for life. This helps me to be collaborative and strategic across all the different life stages. I love selling real estate, the negotiations, and helping my clients achieve their objectives. Along the way I will advise, but you decide the direction we ultimately head in.

On a personal level, I am passionate about health issues and love educating and talking to people about making a commitment to improve theirs. I am a breast cancer survivor and know how prevention can make a huge difference in survival. Heart health is also a passion of mine. I am fortunate to be involved as the Chairperson for the Health and Human Services facet of The Links, educating African American women about health issues that impact our community such as lupus and sickle cell anemia.

At the end of the day, I want our time together to be fun. Yes, it is going to be stressful – it is virtually impossible to buy or sell your biggest asset without a level of stress, but this is exciting – a new chapter - and I look forward to tackling this with you.

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